Kroll Air heaters

The large range of modls with multi-stage fans gives you the best solution for your requests.

The units are of compact construction and can be mounted easily anywhere. They are designed for mounting both at the wall or the ceiling. Operation via a pipework system from a central heating system.

The power range goes from 10 – 118 kW. The integrated heat exchanger is made of copper/aluminium for hot water as a heating medium. The units are splash water protected (protection class IP54).

The multi-stage adjustable fans can be adapted to the requests on site. The assure draught-free, area-wide and comfortable distribution of heat and air. In order to calcluate your requirements, our Kroll consultant team is at your disposal.

  • The large range of different models with multi-stage fan permits an optimal solution to your requirements.
  • On request, also special versions such as explosion-proof units or units for operation in stables are available.
  • Suitable for every room: they can easily be changed from wall-mounting to ceiling-mounting, which makes them extremely versatile.
  • The low noise level ensures a silent operation and prevents noise pollution.
  • In addition to the powder-coated versions LH (RAL 7035), all models are also available as versions LH-X with stainless steel casing.
  • With the right accessories, a comfortable room climate becomes the most natural thing.


  • for mounting at the wall or the ceiling
  • operation with outside air, mixed air and recirculating air possible
  • for heating and ventilating
  • including air outlet louvres
  • heat exchanger made of copper/aluminium
  • fans with blade rotator
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LH 120

Product code: 038972

841,80 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 130

Product code: 038973

890,60 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 220

Product code: 038974

927,20 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 230

Product code: 038975

1.000,40 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 330

Product code: 038977

1.098,00 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 420

Product code: 038978

1.171,20 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 430

Product code: 038979

1.195,60 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 520

Product code: 038980

1.305,40 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 530

Product code: 038981

1.329,80 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 620

Product code: 038982

1.549,40 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 630

Product code: 038983

1.634,80 VAT included

Rating: 0


LH 720

Product code: 038984

2.342,40 VAT included

Rating: 0