Kroll Stationary warm air heaters

These units ensure immediate heat without long heat up periods

Air as a heat transmitting medium has got its strenghts in heating up large and high rooms, such as garages, production halls, exhibition halls and greenhouses, to mention just a few of the various possible fields of operation. The units can be operated with fresh air, secondary air or recirculated air.

Due to the short lead time, the heat is immediately available for every request. As standard versions, the units can be mounted in upright or vertical position, or suspended from the ceiling. Or they can be equipped with an individually designed duct system to distribute the warm air into several rooms. Pressures of up to 1600 Pa are possible. Special accessories such as air inlet filters, outlet grills, controls etc. ensure that every possible heating scheme can be accomplished. The units can be operated with oil burner, gas burner or multi-fuel oil burner.

Kroll offers you a comprehensive service

In addition to delivering warm air heaters, we already support you with our know-how at planning a heating solution. Of course, we also offer commissioning and servicing by our engineers if required – everything from one hand.

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