Kroll Warm air heaters mobil

Efficient, reliable and applicable everywhere.

Due to the high-power radial fans with the models M25 to M200, these units are especially suitable to connect warm air hose systems. This ensures an efficient heating from outside. The recirculating air module allows an even more efficient and economical operation.

The fuel tank and the heating cartridge with the models M25 and M50 make these models independent, space-saving and immediately ready for use. The models M70 to M200 have a fuel supply pipe to be conected to an external tank and a preheated filter which makes them also immediately ready for use. Quality-brand oil burners and silent, yet powerful fans convert more than 93 % of the energy into heat.


  • stainless steel combustion chamber
  • stainless steel heat exchanger
  • tank with heating cartridge
  • radial fan
  • oil burner
  • recirculating air operation possible
  • room thermostat connection
  • integrated tank (M25/M50/optional for M70)
  • oil filter
  • heating device for nozzle holder
  • preheated oil filter + single-line fuel supply pipe (M70/100/M150/M200)
  • automatic heating oil de-aeration
  • casters (M70/M100/M150/M200)
  • crane eyes + forklift device (M70/M100/M150/M200)

The units are also approved for operation with gas!

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