Electric heater E3


Product code 000138
Category Electric heater
Brand Kroll
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The smaller models are perfect as additional heaters for large rooms. They are designed for being operated in workshops, nurseries, shops, exhibition rooms, warehouses, site huts, or elsewhere on building sites. There, they provide comfortable heat in spring and in autumn or if there is a sudden onset of cold weather. They can be used as frost control, too.

  • economical:
    The heat is dispensed efficiently and in a concentrated way to the ambient air by a powerful fan.
  • convenient:
    The electric fan heaters do not use up any oxygen. They do not give off any unpleasant smell at all, so they can also be operated in rooms which have bad or even no means of ventilation. They are ready for use everywhere and at once. Temperature can be adjusted and is controlled by a thermostat. In summer, they can be used for ventilating rooms as well.
  • robust and safe:
    All appliances are VDE checked and thermally protected. The enclosed heating elements have got a stainless jacket, the boxes consist of galvanized steel sheet and, in addition, they are stove-enamelled. They are of stable construction!
  • mobile:
    Thanks to their small dimensions, the electric fan heaters can be taken everywhere. You will find a place for them even in very confined space. Model E18 now also available as version “SH”, "S" for hose connection and version “H” for operation at high room temperatures for special duties such as thermal pest control.


  • temperature rise up to 60 Kelvin
  • built-in room thermostat
  • enamelled casing made of galvanized sheet metal
  • compact and robust


Nominal heat input 3 kW
Air delivery 185 m³/h
Temperature rise 44 K
Electrical connection 230/50 V/Hz/A
Width 185 mm
Length 330 mm
Height 270 mm
Weight 6,35 kg
Noise level 52  dB(A)