Kroll Permanently condensing boiler standing on the floor BK 30 (22 – 32 kW)

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Category Kroll Permanently condensing boiler standing on the floor
Brand Kroll
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Boiler body of high-performance steel with cylindric reversal combustion chamber and round fule gas passes.

Permanently condensing boiler standing on the floor, for oil or gas. Silent operation, independent from the room air temperature. Suitable for one-family and multi-family houses, hotel business and industry. For old and new buildings. Optimal utilization of space due to small dimensions. Power range 15 – 250 kW / up to 2000 kW in cascade. Flue gas temperature max. 48°C.

  • including 2-stage burner for oil or gas
  • weather-controlled convenient control in 4 languages
  • distance control via internet possible
  • suitable for biological heating oil

Boiler body made of high-performance steel with cylindric reversal combustion chamber and round flue gas passes. Due to the boiler’s construction, the flue gas is cooled down to about 60°C – 80°C already inside the boiler body where the it transfers the major part of its heat to the boiler water, before it enters the plastic heat exchanger. Permanent condensation, completely independent from the return temperature. The boiler body stays dry due to the integrated return temperature lifting. This has got a positive effect on cleaning the boiler, as the residues can be removed very easily and quickly. The integrated heat exchanger, in which the condensation takes place, is made of a special type of plastic and thus resistant against acid sulphur (sulphur dioxide + water). Therefore, no sulphur-free heating oil is needed. Furthermore, the heat transfer is exclusively done in a counterflow with air/flue gas. So there is no pollution nor blocking nor rusting through of the heat exchanger due to the heating water. Due to the permanent condensation, the secondary heat exchanger practically cleans itself. Should the plastic heat exchanger become polluted due to wrong or bad burner settings, it can be cleaned very easily with water. The flue gas is washed out by the permanent condensation.

The environmentally harmful acid sulphur is neutralized in the neutralization box and is lead into the canalization, now pH-free. So, only “water steam” is emitted into the atmosphere, no sulphur dioxide. This is a very positive effect on the environment!

The integrated modulating flue gas fan adapts the combustion chamber pressure to the weather conditions. This gives constant combustion conditions, independent from draught or pressure in the chimney.

Nominal heat input

22-32 kW

El. power supply

0,095 kW

Electrical connection

230/50 V/HZ


580 mm


1269 mm


1148 mm


261 kg